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Energy passport in Russia

Lamit.fi LLC produces the best tools in energy efficiency for your use.

Lamit.fi LLC was created in Finland to provide services to improve energy efficiency in buildings. Lamit.fi is an engineering firm as well as a software house. Our engineering knowhow is based on our long experience in energy technology and as a software house we can create the best cloud-based solutions (SaaS) for our customer’s energy efficiency calculation and measurement needs. We have been operating since 1995 - we work throughout Finland and have also provided building energy calculations in Sweden, Norway, Germany and Russia. In 2015 we have released software platforms Energiapremier and Lamitor that work for the international market. Energy efficiency is a global phenomenon – everyone is looking to save on energy and reduce their environmental impact. Lamit.fi LLC has specialised in reducing emissions by improving the use of energy technology.

Products and services

Energiapremier.ru is a software product made for generating an energy passport and make an energy audit. With Energiapremier you can quickly generate the energy passport required by the law 182 for your site. As an added bonus feature Lamit.fi LLC offers their customers the energy calculation according to general standards, so that you can also calculate the energy consumption for your building. By using our energy calculation you can improve on the requirements of the energy passport and the energy savings it provides. Analyze the calculated consumption by comparing it to the actual or billed consumption to see the differences. Additionally using the calculation you can make recommendations to considerably improve your buildings energy efficiency, for example by changing the features of the building (improving windows, adding wall insulation, with ventilation heat recovery, etc). By calculating the savings from these improvements you can then easily make cost accounting and in many cases the generated energy savings pay for the investments in part or even completely.
www.energiapremier.ru www.energiapremier.su 

Lamitor.fi is an energy monitoring tool. Lamitor.fi is a web based, mobile device compatible service that follows a building’s energy consumption or other quantities measurable with sensors. By using Lamitor you can add your own measurement and information gathering devices or get them through us. Start using Lamitor by following the link below and add to it any physical metering devices in your building. You can follow the usages in real time, make energy saving adjustments and see the savings they generate. Lamitor can be utilized in all sorts of uses - individual homes, factories, apartment buildings, offices and others. Lamitor can also be used to monitor vehicles, for energy efficiency control and maintenance upkeep. If you wish to add your devices into Lamitor, place an order for the API documentation from our head of planning Аки Auvinen This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 
www.lamitor.fi (the software recognizes the language used by the browser automatically – also translated in Russian)

Training. As a service we also offer training in generating the energy passport, training for more energy efficient design and planning and training for the use of Lamitor energy monitoring tool.

Project repository. As a service you can also utilize our online document management system, where you can save all the required documentation for the energy passport. Our document management system can be used as a project repository for saving and distributing building planning documents between all parties, from designers to construction companies.

- www.lamitor.fi
- www.energiapremier.ru/ru/prices

- Lamitor

Invitation to trade fair Interstroy, St. Petersburg 18.-21.3.2015

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Info on Lamit.fi LLC IPRs:
Lamitor(R)(TM) and Energiapremier(R)(TM) Lamit.fi LLC registered trademarks.
Lamitor calculations patent pending.
Energiapremier energy calculations patent pending.

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